GURPS Dark Modern

The world is a lot like the world you see around you , just a little darker. At night in the alleys Vampires drink the blood of innocents. Deep below the public library mages practice all types of magic. Beastly men retreat to the woods before their body embraces it’s second form. In a world this dark and wicked there is a force holding it all together. Every few years a man comes of age of exceptional holy grace. A man with a heart and soul so pure that he seems to be above normal men. He seems to draw power from above or beyond. The church commands his power to keep the dark forces of the world at bay.


At the moment most character templates are being developed. I want to encourage creative thinking here. It’s an unstable dark world. Who knows what has yet to be discovered. Below are templates i’ll be drawing up for the campaign.

Vampires: Six generations of blood line and a community in most major cities. They are the rulers of the night. All other communities of all types are wise to pay respect to the sire of the city.

Mages: Mages are the loose cannons… While their community has some structure, they tend to study any school of magic that tickles their fancy. That leaves a lot of others nervous because mages tend to tap into the unknown.

Storm children: A rare breed, they command the very forces of nature. They have no community, and usually remain hidden. To be on the wrong side of them is very dangerous because the power they wield can be used openly as its not unlikely for a lightning storm to roll in suddenly or unexpectedly. " The weather man was wrong again! He said no rain today!"

Templars: The holy warriors of the world. Each major city a group of templars who follow the command of the local bishop. Their life is one of sacrifice and hard work. They must maintain a holy life lest they fall out of favor with the one who grants them power.

Look and feel of the world

If I had to give you one mental picture of the world I would place you in an ally with a giant full moon. The buildings made of stone a chilly wind blowing through. Picture a man dressed in a black trench coat holding a woman limp in his arms with a blood trail coming from her neck

GURPS Dark Modern

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