GM Chris: The night is cold and harsh. The wind blows through the cracks in the walls of the old shed you live in. You can hear the sound of rocks shifting under the heavy wheels of a horse drawn carrage and the sound of hourses approching outside. It could be another visitor for the Campbells
Chris: The night is cold and harsh. The wind blows through the cracks in the walls of the old shed you live in. You can hear the sound of rocks shifting under the heavy wheels of a horse drawn carrage and the sound of hourses approching outside. It could be another visitor for the Campbells
After a few minuets you can hear the exchange of people talking and you know some of the voices
JE_GM Your character’s reaction, Nasder?
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson ponders who might it be, I recognize the voices but can’t be sure, I should find out
Christoffer Andersson approaches the people talking
GM You see two men wearing long dark jackets. The steam bollows from their mouths as they speak to one another. Wilson is one of the men and his expression is one of saddness, the other man is a middle aged man you’ve never seen before but he appears to be speaking sternly to Wilson
You see two men wearing long dark jackets. The steam bollows from their mouths as they speak to one another. Wilson is one of the men and his expression is one of saddness, the other man is a middle aged man you’ve never seen before but he appears to be speaking sternly to Wilson
Christoffer Andersson stand silently a few feet away to not cut in on their conversation and awaits Wilson to notice him
Wilson Campbell Ah, Christoffer… We’ve been offered some work. I’ll need you to go with Mr Bennett here in the morning… I’m afraid I must insist.
Christoffer Andersson Aye, will he be staying the night or should I make sure to wake up early and meet him here?
Campaign saved.
Toby J. Bennett grins at Christoffer with the expression of great happniess
Christoffer Andersson looks at the man besides Wilson to get a grasp of his apperance
Wilson Campbell looks back and forth between the two men and sighs " He will be here in the morning… be ready"
Christoffer Andersson Then I will be, I’ll be up by dawn to complete some chours before it’s time.

You two have been having a rough couple of days. London has been quite unforgiving. You have managed to find a cheap hotel where you’re currently located. The room is old and it’s near the street the sound of carriages and some of the things called cars keep you up a great deal of the night
Artur Medvedick ah, what fortunes shall we pluck from the bossom of ill fate today my friend?
Campaign saved.
JE_GM Both make hearing rolls
Alain Remu We had better try and find a boat to Ostend today, if we can. Time is ticking away, we have got to get back to New York in two months…
Artur Medvedick perception: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 13]
Alain Remu [3d6 = 12]
Mellock (Alain Remu) Oh, perception… wait…
Mellock (Alain Remu) Don’t seem to have that.
saithan (Artur Medvedick) Per
Alain Remu perception: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 16]
Mellock (Alain Remu) Thanks
→ Alain Remu YOu notice what seems to be a small white card slide under the door
Alain Remu Someone at the door.
Alain Remu points to a litlte white card sliding under the door…
Alain Remu jumps off the bed and makes for the card
Alain Remu picks up the card and eyes it.
Artur Medvedick i fear to look at what it may say
The sound of someone running off can be heard on the other side of the door
Alain Remu AH, we may have fallen on some hard times, but our luck is bound to change soon now.
Artur Medvedick perhaps, you know me i’m not one to have faith
The card reads " Meet me at St Pancras …. at midnight"
Alain Remu pulls open the door and quickly looks to the left and right…
Campaign saved.
Artur Medvedick see anything?
The person that was there has managed to escape before you opened the door
Alain Remu Nothing. We’re to meet at St Pancras at midnight.
Alain Remu fmips over the card several times, and hands it to Artur.
Artur Medvedick after our meeting these cards bode ill for me
Artur Medvedick perhaps another from our mistyrious mistress…more answers maybe?

Chris: You find yourself sitting in a carrage for hours on end with this man. You can only assume you’re going to London because of the length of your trip. It’s getting late and you’ve beein in the carrage almost a whole day
Toby J. Bennett looks at you breaking the hours of silence " She’s going to be mine, you know…"
Christoffer Andersson leans towards the windows of the carrage watching the trees go by
Christoffer Andersson She… who?
Campaign saved.
Toby J. Bennett chuckles a little nervously his hand grips the ball on the end of his cane " The only daughter of the Campbells"
Christoffer Andersson Erica, we’ll see about that. She got a sweet spot for me you know.
Toby J. Bennett Money and power do a lot more than sweetness, She will be mine one way or another.
Christoffer Andersson Money and power are great tools, but I got something you don’t…
Christoffer Andersson watches his own reflection in the window
Toby J. Bennett he slams his cain down on the floor of the carrage " You have nothing I dont… you’re french rubbish"
Christoffer Andersson French? Ha, vet inte äns skillnaden på länder…
Christoffer Andersson I got scandinavian looks on my side..
Christoffer Andersson grins at the man
The carrage stops suddenly and Toby grins back at you
Toby J. Bennett Get out… your train awaits to your job
Christoffer Andersson looks out the window
Toby J. Bennett hands you a old worn train ticket
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson takes the ticket, say nothing and exits the carrage
The door of the carrage slams shut and it rides off in haste before you there is very large open air train station in the distance you see two men approching
Christoffer Andersson looks a bit lost and confused but keeps an eye on the men approaching
Art, Alain : As you approch the station you see a man getting out of a garrage directly in your path
Alain Remu mutters something under his breath about cryptical notes saying nothing about who they’re supposed to meet…
Nasder (Christoffer Andersson) Question: when my character bursts into swedish as he will do at times, want me to translate what he is saying?
Campaign saved.
The night is cold and a slight drizzle sprinkles the air due to the late hour the trains have no activity, but the lanterns seem to burn through out the station The only people that are visable on the entire path way are you three
Alain Remu jerks his head towards the man in the distance…
JE_GM Only if one of the characters know’s the lanuage
Artur Medvedick from my experience so far these note rarely say much
Christoffer Andersson continue to keep is eye on the two men but keeps his distance from them
Alain Remu Looks like the only one here.
‘saithan’ disconnected
JE_GM oops, one second we lost Saithan
Nasder (Christoffer Andersson) Gives me time to grab a soda real quick!
‘saithan’ connected
Mellock (Alain Remu) Wb :)
saithan (Artur Medvedick) sorry got dissed
JE_GM Welcome back :)
Nasder (Christoffer Andersson) WB
saithan (Artur Medvedick) ty
Artur Medvedick you look a bit lost as ourselfs young fellow
Christoffer Andersson eyes the two men and then eyes his train ticket and moves his eyes back and forth between them
All three of you are now in the station. The only sounds are thoese of the lanterns swinging back and forth in the wind the air is cold and unforgiving
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson You can say that, waiting for a train without knowledge of what’s there for me
Alain Remu pulls a little white notecard from his jacket and hands it to the stranger. The note reads “meet me at St Pancras at midnight”
Alain Remu Did you happen to get a note as well?
Christoffer Andersson Meet you at St Pancras? Where’s St Pancras?
Artur Medvedick where is your ticket to, does it say?
Christoffer Andersson No, I was dropped of by someone, told to do a job.
Christoffer Andersson eyes his ticket trying to find the destination
GM The loud clack of a cane hitting the ground from the side of you can be heard sending chills through your bodies as the presence of a tall dark man lets it be know he is there as he walks out of the shadows
The loud clack of a cane hitting the ground from the side of you can be heard sending chills through your bodies as the presence of a tall dark man lets it be know he is there as he walks out of the shadows
Artur Medvedick ahh, devils amidts the shadows
Christoffer Andersson drops the ticket from being scared momentarily
Alain Remu turns around, shrugging himself deeper into his coat against the cold…
The man is a tall dark gentleman. Well dressed and appearing high in status
Artur Medvedick grasps pistol in his pocket
Christoffer Andersson leans over and picks up his ticket while throwing out a few swedish curse words
Campaign saved.
Unknown man Where is the pupet?
Artur Medvedick i feel like one with all these mysteries
Artur Medvedick but i know not what you speak of
Christoffer Andersson puppet? Small dog?
Alain Remu eyes the stranger wearily…
Unknown man looks between all the men standing there " The girl. We are to kill the girl and make her a puppet. Where is the girl?"
Christoffer Andersson looks confused
Christoffer Andersson takes a step away from the stranger thinking he’s dillusional
Artur Medvedick i like to see myself as a bastard byt why whould you want to kill her ?
Unknown man This must be a confusion… I am to recive a girl and kill her so she can be a puppet for a man named Toby
Christoffer Andersson Helt klart galen, göra en kvinna till hund.
Christoffer Andersson shakes his head while looking at the stranger
Christoffer Andersson Toby, he dropped me off.
Artur Medvedick looks at chris
Artur Medvedick you understand who he speaks of?
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson The man who dropped me of was named Toby, saying he’d make my girlfriend his, but a puppy? You can’t make a human into a dog.
JE_GM Everyone make a hearing roll
Alain Remu perception: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 11]
Christoffer Andersson perception: (10) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 11]
Artur Medvedick perception: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 14]
→ Alain Remu You hear the sound of a train in the distance
saithan (Artur Medvedick) puppet = marienet
Mellock (Alain Remu) marionet. a doll.
Nasder (Christoffer Andersson) I know, my character is not that good at enlgish
Nasder (Christoffer Andersson) he has never heard it before and though he meant “puppy”
saithan (Artur Medvedick) ahh good rp had me fooled
JE_GM Nice roleplaying, Nasder ;)
Alain Remu looks back at the station quickly.
Alain Remu A train’s coming.
Alain Remu looks quizically from Christopher to the stranger and back.
Christoffer Andersson Is that my train?
Unknown man ‘s voice grows loud and irritated " I don’t have much more time the master will be here soon and I need the puppet!
Christoffer Andersson eyes his ticket yet again
Artur Medvedick I think that toby has made a deal with devils and your soul is to pay
Christoffer Andersson grins slightly
Christoffer Andersson If that Toby wants to use my soul… He’d better be willing to pay well for it.
Artur Medvedick looks at strange man what are the terms exactly of your transaction with toby?
Campaign saved.
Unknown man looks back at the train that is now fast approching " He will not be happy with this. The girl is to be ready upon his arrival
Christoffer Andersson Du kan inte göra en kvinna till en hund! Idioti är det!
Christoffer Andersson looks annoyed
A loud gunshot rings out throuh the chamber of the train station
Artur Medvedick crouches low
Artur Medvedick looks about for direction
Christoffer Andersson looks for the closest cover
Alain Remu looks around rantically, trying to make out where the gunshot came from…
Alain Remu Damn this!
At the far end of the station a figure can be seen dragging a body to the train depot
There is no cover close at hand
Christoffer Andersson quickly moves to put Alain between himself and the figure at the end of the station
Artur Medvedick pulls pistol and rushes towards the guys carrying the body
Unknown man looks in the direction of the figure and starts walking
Alain Remu hurries after Medvedick…
Christoffer Andersson Just great!
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson hurries after them to not be left behind and alone
Artur Medvedick stay low
Alain Remu draws his own pistol and hurries after Artur…
saithan (Artur Medvedick) my character is sort of a danger freak so be careful
Christoffer Andersson follows a few yards behind
Alain Remu Artur, damnit, not so fast!
Christoffer Andersson Galningar, you don’t run to a gunshot, you run from it!
As you get closer you hear the frantic weeping of a man his voice well known to Chris. He holds the limp body of a woman in his arms
Artur Medvedick from what we seen , if we had to fear him he wouldn’t have needed a gun
Christoffer Andersson is still carefull until it seems safe
Toby J. Bennett Oh, God what have I done? This better work…
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson Toby? is that you?
Artur Medvedick hold it!
The train seems only a few a half mile away
Artur Medvedick points gun at toby
Alain Remu pants as he pulls up after Artur…
Alain Remu What the hell is going on here?
Toby J. Bennett pays no mind to the three men and hold the body of Erica in his arms
Christoffer Andersson Toby, what have you done?
Christoffer Andersson notices erica
Christoffer Andersson Fan, sitti nte bara där! Gör något!
Christoffer Andersson gestures frantically
Artur Medvedick and people look at me like an animal
Christoffer Andersson Kontakta polis! Sjukvård!
Unknown man Ahh… the puppet
Artur Medvedick young man!
Artur Medvedick looking to chriss
Artur Medvedick you know this man?
Christoffer Andersson That’s Toby! The one the crazy person was talking about. The one who wanted a puppy!
Toby J. Bennett rocks back and forth with the body of the young woman in his arms " Oh, god… oh god…."
Artur Medvedick as i told you he had made a deal with devils and your soul is the one to pay the greater of the toll
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson grins slightly and looks at Toby
Toby J. Bennett leans forward a little and a gunshot wound on the side of Erica’s head can been seen
Christoffer Andersson She’d rather be dead than be yours.
Artur Medvedick who is this woman to you young man?
Alain Remu feels a little numb, standing there mouth agape, at the unreal scene in front of him…
Alain Remu What happened here?
Artur Medvedick hold pistol to toby’s head
Artur Medvedick tell him
The train begins to slow as it gets within the area of the station
Christoffer Andersson is feeling frantic but somehow takes liking in the situation
Toby J. Bennett She will be mine soon… Oh, god… I hope this works
Artur Medvedick deals with devils are not as they seem …
Artur Medvedick you can have nothing if dead
Alain Remu Damn it, we’ll be seen if anyone gets of this train…
Artur Medvedick now tell him what you have done!
Toby J. Bennett I’m promised dhe will be mine forever…
Toby J. Bennett she
Christoffer Andersson She’s dead! Don’t you understand that?!
Unknown man The master is here and will require the puppet soon
Artur Medvedick farmer boy, do you have any objections to this?
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson Mjeh, do as you see fit, he killed her, he deserves whatever gets to him.
The train comes to a halt relaseing steam and engageing brakes
Alain Remu Artur, come on, let’s hang back! We don’t want to be seen with a dead body!
Artur Medvedick puts gun down and listens to his friend
Christoffer Andersson grabs the hand of the woman, kisses it and then rests his forehead on it
Alain Remu We had better keep an eye on him if we’re supposed to meet him here, though.
Artur Medvedick it is to late for her my young farmer, but we can make him pay later
Christoffer Andersson glares angerly at Arthur
Artur Medvedick tosses gun to the young farmer
Artur Medvedick you can make the choice then
Christoffer Andersson takes the gun and hides it in his pocket
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson Now is not the time for vengance
The small doors of a passenger car opens up. The light of the lanterns sends a warm glow upon the ground beside it. What appears to be a boy maybe ten years old steps out of the car. He’s dressed in what looks like a sunday school suit all gray and white
Christoffer Andersson Toby… yDin jävel… You’ll get yours…
Christoffer Andersson releases the woman’s hand and moves towards Arthur
Toby J. Bennett laughs and holds up the body of the woman " Yes… Yes….. YES…"
Artur Medvedick fuck this
Artur Medvedick reaching into chriss’s pocket for puistol
Alain Remu Artur! Don’t!
Christoffer Andersson eyes the train and plays with the though of putting a bullet through Toby’s head
Artur Medvedick you better or i will
Alain Remu let’s see how this plays out first. We can take a shot at him later.
JE_GM The young boy walks up the the body of the young woman and whispers in her ear and quickly walks away again
The young boy walks up the the body of the young woman and whispers in her ear and quickly walks away again
Artur Medvedick takes back gun waits for the kid
Christoffer Andersson This is just out of controll. Fan!
Christoffer Andersson puts his hands ontop of his heads and backs back and forth frantically
Nasder (Christoffer Andersson) walks back and forth

Campaign saved.
Erica Campbell stands up groaning and grunting with the sound of a voice with blood in her throat
JE_GM Everyone make a fright check
Nasder (Christoffer Andersson) Will?
Artur Medvedick [3d6 = 7]
Alain Remu [3d6 = 10]
JE_GM Correct
Alain Remu will: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 16]
Christoffer Andersson will: (10) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Artur Medvedick will: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 13]
Erica Campbell [1d6 = 3]
saithan (Artur Medvedick) man what is up with all the high rolls today
Art and Alain appear to go into a stunned and shaken state of mind
Alain Remu The walking dead! It’s the walking dead again!
Artur Medvedick stands motionless
Christoffer Andersson You’re dead! DEAD! DÖD! Döda personer lever inte! Vad fan!
Christoffer Andersson points at Erica not believing what he’s seeing
Erica Campbell stand over Toby as blood streams from the side of her head onto the ground she groans slightly from time to time
Toby J. Bennett It works ! My god it worked!
After a few moments you two snap out of , though still shaken
Campaign saved.
Artur Medvedick fires gun at toby
Artur Medvedick enough thinking
Alain Remu flinches at the sound of the gunshot…
Christoffer Andersson feel a chill down his spine of the cracking sound of the gun
The shot rings out and Toby falls to the ground a wisper of a female voice can be heard on the wind " In this world nothing is ever what it seems and nothing is ever fair"
Christoffer Andersson points at Erica
Artur Medvedick puts gun away
Christoffer Andersson Skjut henne också! SKJUT!
Artur Medvedick if she wants him she can make the decide
Erica Campbell stands over Toby’s body with no expression as if she’s waiting
Christoffer Andersson Gun… eeh… umm, shot! shoot! SHOOT!
Alain Remu keeps looking over is shoulder with a worried look on his face…
Christoffer Andersson points at erica almost waving his entire arm
Artur Medvedick looks to strange man
Artur Medvedick why are we here?
Both the unknown man and the young boy are walking towards the train
Unknown man stops and looks back at Art " I don’t know who you are or why you’re here
Artur Medvedick hey wait!
Campaign saved.
Artur Medvedick looks puzzled
Artur Medvedick turns to get ericas attention
Artur Medvedick go follow your new masters
Christoffer Andersson Just point and shoot! She’s already dead! JUST SHOOT ALREADY!
Artur Medvedick i have done that before kid
The two men get on the train and close it’s door Erica does nothing just stands and waits
Artur Medvedick looks to alain for ideas
Christoffer Andersson tires to take the gun from Artur
JE_GM COntest of ST
Artur Medvedick allows him to take the gun
Alain Remu If anyone heard those shots, they might inform the police. We had better not wait around here.
Artur Medvedick do what you feel you must boy
Christoffer Andersson points the gun in the general direcion of erica and pulls the trigger in panic
Erica Campbell falls to the ground groaning and wiggleing around trying to stand
Christoffer Andersson continues to pull the trigger until the gun starts clicking a few times
Campaign saved.
Artur Medvedick looks at aklain
Alain Remu Damn it, we’ll wake up half of London this way!
Artur Medvedick if he had only seen what we had
Alain Remu turns his head from the gruesome scene in front of him…
Alain Remu Aye. You said you had gotten hese kind of notes before?
Erica Campbell A figrue leaps down behind you Its the man from the boat that answered questions for you he greets you " Good evening, fellows"
A figrue leaps down behind you Its the man from the boat that answered questions for you he greets you " Good evening, fellows"
Artur Medvedick yes and found you
Artur Medvedick ahh
Alain Remu Gah! You again!
Artur Medvedick i like to say it was good
Artur Medvedick then you showed up
Even My name is Evan, and you might be seeing a lot of me from time to time.
Christoffer Andersson Looks at the figure that appereard with gun still drawn towards Erica
Artur Medvedick i supose you are hear to take her aye?
Even appears to be very pale and his features sharp almost too pale to be alive
Alain Remu And I take it you’re behind this note?
Even shakes his head " No, I have no dealing with the animator. I’m here to tell you your train will arrive soon. and it will take you to Alain’s home land"
Erica Campbell manages to roll her animated body off the side of the walk way and onto the tracks below
Campaign saved.
Artur Medvedick puts hand on chriss’s shoulder and takes gun
Christoffer Andersson lets go of the gun but still holds his hand up as if he’s holding it
Artur Medvedick what happends to her she is not of your kind?
Even She is an animated corpse… nothing more. Created to be a slave of the animator
Alain Remu Is she our problem now?
Alain Remu In a few hours, if all goes well, we’ll be in another country.
Even You will begin to see that this world isn’t what you thought it was.
Christoffer Andersson Like if I haven’t already!
Artur Medvedick can she be released?
Even SHe is of no concern to me
Artur Medvedick well if she can be released from her torment then atleast allow our young new friend here to do what he must
Even Be on the train that will arrive in one hour. All three of you. I will kill any of you who remain after the train has left.
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson looks blank and completely lost
Even Her soul is long gone. The only thing there is a life less body
Artur Medvedick looks at alain so feel like seeing your home again?
Alain Remu It’s just one stop on the way to our destiny, it seems. We’ll be off for your homeland soon after that, I think.
Alain Remu If all goes well, we won’t be there very long.
Artur Medvedick farmer, you are stuck with us
Alain Remu Looks kindly at Christoffer.
Artur Medvedick don’t feel bad i like you , you hve heart
Christoffer Andersson I’ll follow anywhere but here!
Alain Remu It seems you’re with us now. My name’s Alain. Alain Remu.
Artur Medvedick Artur
Christoffer Andersson I’m Christoffer and that girl was Erica
Even looks off in the distance " Noo… not here and not now"
Christoffer Andersson Or is… She’s erica.
Artur Medvedick you pack any vodka?
Artur Medvedick what is it seman?
In the distance approching slowly the figure of a woman can be seen with what appears to be a sword at her side
Campaign saved.
Alain Remu squints as he takes in the figure of the woman…
Alain Remu Is that… her again?
Artur Medvedick shit her, this must be trouble!
Even This might get ulgy
Christoffer Andersson You just saw a dead woman get up and live, and you think a living woman is trouble?!
Even This woman is more then she appears…
Christoffer Andersson looks confused
Artur Medvedick we’ve met her, how do you know her?
Even She is what we call a Templar. A warrior of the chruch, and likely here for me.
Alain Remu She warned us off the path we were about to take… I take it there’s trouble in this for us as well.
Artur Medvedick hmm i might like this girl of faith yet
Christoffer Andersson We’re already in trouble!
Blonde woman Even… I warned you of this crime. and you two… Did I not tell you this is the path of darkness?
Campaign saved.
Artur Medvedick you did
Alain Remu looks indicisive from the blonde woman to Even and back…
Even pulls out his sword and nods at the woman " Lets do this elseware, we both know it’s not allowed here "
Blonde woman pulls out her sword and readies it with skill unlike you have ever seen " Even, your dark path ends tonight"
Artur Medvedick stepps back
Christoffer Andersson looks around considering just running away from it all
Alain Remu puts a hand on Christoffer’s shoulder…
Alain Remu You remain with us, no matter what happens.
The two leap up so high they must have hit the roof of the station. The sound of glass shattering can be heard and shards fall to the ground
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson cowers to shield himself from any glass falling down in his proximity
Artur Medvedick covrs face and eyes
Alain Remu pulls his coat up over his head and jumps away from the place where the glass is falling…
A dead quiet falls on the place… again the only thing that can be heard are the lanterns hanging from the roof swinging in the wind
Christoffer Andersson Fan… Fan… Let’s just… Let’s get the hell out of this place!
Alain Remu Our train leaves in one hour. Where would you go?
Artur Medvedick atleast find who wins
Artur Medvedick if he wins and we are not on the train….
Alain Remu Aye. We could pick up a bottle of the good stuff though.
Artur Medvedick haha yes
Artur Medvedick spoken like a true slovak
Christoffer Andersson walks up to Toby and kicks his leg just to make sure he’s really dead
The corpse shifts a little from your kick Toby appears to be lifeless
Campaign saved.
Artur Medvedick come kid lets atleast leave the scene of death
Alain Remu Aye, I don’t want to be seen here with those corpses.
Christoffer Andersson Anywhere but here is a good place to be

The passenger cabin of this small three car train smells of old leather it looks as if almost no one has even ridden on this train yet it has aged for years and years. You’re sitting on the bench seats across from each other the events of the past hours going though your minds
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson stares out through the window with a blank look on his face
The vibrating and the loud chugging of the train fills your heads and the trees and boulding fly by the windows as you pass through London
Artur Medvedick the word puppet seems more like our own situation, does it not?
Alain Remu Aye, we seem to be directed by forces greater than us…
Alain Remu his throat…
Alain Remu clears his throat
Alain Remu So, ah, Christoffer, how did you end up in London?
Christoffer Andersson This evening, I was sent here for work that all I was told yesterday
Artur Medvedick we are in the same boat
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson leans back and tilts his head back resting it on the seat while staring up at the ceiling
All the lanterns in the train seem to go out at the same time. The cabbin is completely dark and you can see lightning in the distance.
Artur Medvedick gipps pistol
Artur Medvedick what now?
Christoffer Andersson does nothing, hoping it’s just a temporary light outage
The lightning seems to crawl out of the valleys in the distant landscape and the train begins to slow to a halt at a lonly wooden shack on the side of the tracks
Artur Medvedick stands and looks for a train attendent
Christoffer Andersson This can’t be our destination right?
There is no one that can be seen. Infact no one has been seen on the train except you three the entire time
Artur Medvedick looks towards alain
→ Alain Remu This is not even close to your home land
Alain Remu waits for his eyes to make the adjustment in the moonlight…
Alain Remu This isn’t even close. We have some hours riding before us still.
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson This keeps on getting better and better…
Artur Medvedick walks down the car till i’m closer to the exit nearest the shack
Alain Remu gets up and feels his way out of the darkness of the cabin, then follows after Artur.
Christoffer Andersson follows close to Alain
A man walks out of the small building he is dressed in a white flowing shirt that seems to be very worn and has holes here and there. He gets in the same cabbin with you three. as he walks by his body smells like death
The man seems to have the apperance of a man who had been in a coffin for ten years. He looks very old as a 100 year old man
Artur Medvedick between gasps for air
Artur Medvedick what might your name be sir?
The man passes by not saying a word and sits in the back of the cabbin faceing you all
Campaign saved.
Artur Medvedick releases breath" maybe time to reconsider there being a god"
Christoffer Andersson After today, impossible
The train begins to move again chugging back up to speed
Artur Medvedick did you smell that guy?
Christoffer Andersson takes a seat as far away from the old man as possible
Artur Medvedick follows suite
The old man’s face is only barly visable his uneven strands of long hair fall around his head and face in all directions his old voice whispers out in strange words that are too quiet to make out
Artur Medvedick keeps eye on him
Artur Medvedick i do not like this at all, how much longer?
Christoffer Andersson Too long, no matter how short
Campaign saved.
The old man begins to chew on somthing but it’s a little too dark to tell what it is
JE_GM Everyone make s Per roll
Alain Remu perception: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 14]
Artur Medvedick perception: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 12]
Christoffer Andersson perception: (10) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 11]
Gushing and crunching noises come from the direction of the old man as he chews on somthing his voice gets a bit louder but it seems to be nothing more than groans
Alain Remu refrains from making small talk out of fear for the man’s breath…
Christoffer Andersson pigs makes less sound than that when eating…
Artur Medvedick wisdom says he is not all there
Alain Remu Perhaps we could fin another cabin?
Christoffer Andersson nods in agreement
The old man places a places a hand which is missing a finger on the cabin seat and smiles a animalistic smile at it
Artur Medvedick that bloak just eat his own finger?
Campaign saved.
Christoffer Andersson I don’t care, let’s just switch cabin as fast as we can.
Alain Remu looks in horror at the hand and gets up…
Artur Medvedick sounds good
Artur Medvedick follows alain
Christoffer Andersson follows Artur just a step behind
Alain Remu steps out of the cabin and walks down the hallway, leaving several cabins between them and the man.
You get to the end of the last cabin and through the window you can see that there is no one at the train controls
Artur Medvedick ok this is not good
Christoffer Andersson Any of you know how to control this thing?
Alain Remu HOw the hell dis we stop just a minute ago? What are we on, a ghost-train?
Artur Medvedick good question
Artur Medvedick enters the colntroll area
JE_GM Alain, make an IQ roll
Alain Remu intelligence: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Campaign saved.
→ Artur Medvedick Artur : All the controls are in the off postion. Almost how you would expect to see it if it was parked and not running
→ Alain Remu You start to see some landscape that you remember. You may be only hours from home at this point
Artur Medvedick ok something is not right here
Artur Medvedick i do not know how to run a train but why is everything off positions
Artur Medvedick and if so how is the train moving?
Alain Remu We best not touch anything. Besides, I think I recognize this place. We’re only a few more hours away now.
JE_GM Chris make a Per roll
Christoffer Andersson perception: (10) :[Success!] [3d6 = 9]
→ Christoffer Andersson You see the figure of the old man walking your way through the cabins
Christoffer Andersson The old man is walking this way!
Artur Medvedick leaves the control area
Artur Medvedick grabs pistol and keeps it in pocket
Christoffer Andersson Can’t we lock one of these doors somehow?
Campaign saved.
The old man is still one cabin away from the group. What we thought was his own hand we can now see he’s carrying a disembodied hand missing a couple more fingers now
Artur Medvedick pulls out pistol
Artur Medvedick who are you?
Christoffer Andersson moves a few feet behind Artur
Alain Remu keeps well out of the way of the pistol…
Artur Medvedick move forward no more
Artur Medvedick who the fuck are you?
GM The old man barly is able to groan out a couple words his voice cracks and it’s hard to hear " I want your fleash….give it to meeeeee"
The old man barly is able to groan out a couple words his voice cracks and it’s hard to hear " I want your fleash….give it to meeeeee"
Artur Medvedick fires off 3 shots
The old man appears to drop to the floor
Alain Remu Throw that… thing off the train!
Artur Medvedick walks close enough to kick the thing
Campaign saved.
GM The old man’s body is out of view but y ou can hear his voice again " Fleashhhhhhh"
The old man’s body is out of view but y ou can hear his voice again " Fleashhhhhhh"
Artur Medvedick shit
Artur Medvedick ready yourselves this thing is not dead
Alain Remu looks around for a window to throw the man through…
The darkness seems to be taunting you… where can it be? You hear nothing except the chugging of the train
JE_GM Chris and Alain make a Per roll
Christoffer Andersson perception: (10) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Alain Remu perception: (11) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 12]
→ Christoffer Andersson You see what you think was the old man on the outside of your cabin by one of the windows moving quickly behind you
Christoffer Andersson There’s something outside of the cabin! I saw it move over there! Towards our rear!
Artur Medvedick any idead alain?
Campaign saved.
Alain Remu Shoot one of the windows. We’ll try to bullrush him of of the train when we get a chance.
Artur Medvedick does that
Alain Remu Be on your guard… and be ready to put a few more bullets in his brain.
Alain Remu stands perfectly still, peering into the darkness, listening to any sound that may give away the old man…
Artur Medvedick slowly walks closer to where the man is
Christoffer Andersson turns around looking behind them
The old man flys through a window knocking Cris over as they go int a struggle
JE_GM Chris make a ST role
Christoffer Andersson strength: (12) :[Failure!] [3d6 = 15]
GM [1d6 = 4]
Christoffer Andersson Få av honom!
GM The old man skins his teeth in doing two poits of damage
Christoffer Andersson screams in pain as the teeth sink in
Artur Medvedick goes to help criss
Christoffer Andersson Jäveln bet mig! Ta bort honom!
Artur Medvedick attempts to grapply the man off him
JE_GM Make a ST roll art
GM [3d6 = 13]
Artur Medvedick strength: (11) :[Success!] [3d6 = 7]
Campaign saved.
GM You’re able to restrain the old man who has a small piece of chris’ flesh in his teeth
Alain Remu Quickly! To the window!
Artur Medvedick alain his head, shoot his head
Christoffer Andersson Bloody hell! that hurts!
Alain Remu pulls out his own gun and aims for the head carefully, making sure not to hit Artur…
Alain Remu Auto Pistol, .45 (13) :[ Possible Hit! ] [3d6 = 10]
The old man hisses and bites at Alain untill the bullet sprays his brain matter all over everone and the old man falls limp and life less
Alain Remu quicly stoops down and gets the old man’s feet…
Artur Medvedick help, we can trow him out the window
Alain Remu Ok, out he goes! I don’t want that thing anywhere near us.
Alain Remu pulls the old man to the window and gives a mighty swing…
Artur Medvedick fuck that
Christoffer Andersson I don’t think shit can get worse than this.
Artur Medvedick out you go bastard
Christoffer Andersson grins as if he’s gone mad
The body falls to the ground twisting and rolling as you leve it far behind
Artur Medvedick we suckle at the tit of miss fortune
Alain Remu I think I could do with a drink just about now…
Campaign saved.
Artur Medvedick vodka would be nice
Christoffer Andersson whipes the blood from the old man of his face
Alain Remu Did he get you?
Christoffer Andersson Yea he did, for such an old man he sure can bite.
The train will travel for a couple more hours before stopping at an failrly new looking train station No more events happen, but the night is over and a new day is born


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