Vampirism 5 points/level: Source: Biological ( -10%) Focus: Life Force ( Blood )

The power of the blood can be very different from vampire to vampire. Who knows what path your blood with choose as you grown in strength.

Related Abilities:

Vampirism 2: With this level of blood strength, you get amazing control over your own body and very minor mental abilities.

Terror 18 Points [Biological ( -10% ), Melee Attack ( -30% ), Requires Vampirism 2]

Super Jump 9 Points/Level [Biological ( -10% ), Requires Vampirism 2]

Enhanced Move 18 Points/Level [Biological (-10%), Requires Vampirism 2]

Perfect Balance 13 Points [Biological (-10%), Requires Vampirism 2]

Command of Emotion: 180 Points (260%) Mind Control ( Emotion Control -50% use the skill sway as a guide, Independent +70% Area of Effect [4 Yards +100% costs 4 FP instead of one] Sense-Based (hearing) +150%, Biological -10%) Note: Through your understanding of how the minds works and responds to your voice you can instill emotions in anyone in your area.

Vampirism 3: The third level of blood strength has shown many different things. Powerful attacks of the body and mind. The strongest of the vampires can create more vampires.


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